Various Ice Cream with Topping Options in Dairy Queen

Soft and sweet taste that makes Blizzard does not feel nauseous when eaten, especially in this ice cream there are a variety of topics that add to the taste of this ice cream. Blizzard is Dairy Queen’s flagship ice cream served in a glass-shaped container, this ice cream is a proper meal as a dessert. Moreover, the portion can be adjusted, there are mini size, medium, regular and large. In the presentation, Blizzard can be customized, there are several topping options such as green tea, oreo, kit kat, and various other toppings. Each topping is processed to make it feel like one with ice cream, for example, the kit is diced and mixed together with ice cream, as well as an oreo crushed into the ice cream. If you are curious about the taste of ice cream then you can visit Happy Hour at Dairy Queen who will get various menus with fantastic prices and the best service for only $ 5 only.

For those who do not really like chocolate and the taste is too sweet, you can choose Blizzard Green Tea. The taste of green tea and bananas feels very strong since you first tasted it. Even the longer it is eaten, it feels better on the tongue. With diverse, variations that exist and make buyers not bored because there will always be a new flavor. For every three months, this outlet always holds the latest menu promo and so one type of Blizzard with certain toppings will be issued and replaced which the program aims to attract many customers so that customers will not feel bored.