Types of Insurance from Insurance

Another aspect that publishes various types of insurance, namely in terms of coverage. In general, there are two types of insurance in terms of who and what is covered. First is life insurance and the second is general insurance. One of the insurance that you can get is landlord insurance, for that, you can visit landlord insurance for dss tenants website.

1. Life Insurance

This type of risk-shifting mechanism that one has the goal to bear the financial losses from the risk of death that befell the insured due to unforeseen circumstances. The granting of dependents is usually left to the heirs who are the descendants of the insured. With the value of the coverage, it is expected that the life of the family of the insured who died suddenly is not more difficult. Life insurance also provides coverage to the insured who have reached old age, then no longer able to act in search of income. The risk of not being able to earn a living will be borne by the insurer if the party has a life insurance policy. The number of interests concerning about a person’s life opportunities and quality of life makes the insurer has a variety of life insurance products that can be selected as needed.

2. General Insurance

General insurance coverage is directed to property that is at risk of loss or damage. This type of insurance can also provide a guarantee of legal liability to third parties who are harmed from the movement of such property. The products of general insurance, among others, are as follows.

– Freight Insurance (Marine Insurance)
This insurance product provides financial reimbursement as a collateral coverage of the conditions that may suffer the owner of the ship or other parties concerned.

– Fire Insurance
Fire insurance will bear the risk arising from the fire that befell the building and the insured property of the insured.

– Motor Vehicle Insurance
The insurer will provide coverage for loss, damage, until the loss of motor vehicles in accordance with the policy held by the insured.

– Health Insurance
This one insurance product is excellent compared to others because no one can get rid of the pain in his life.