Signs Lack of Testosterone Hormone in Men

The hormone testosterone is very important for men. This hormone forms the male masculine side, such as a heavier voice, growth of beard, to muscle. This hormone also plays a role in sperm production, level of libido, muscle strength, to bone density. However, it is possible that a man lacks testosterone. Lack of the hormone testosterone can occur due to frequent stress, accidents, obesity, until the consumption of certain drugs. Recognize the signs below.

– No morning erection
Generally, men will often erect in the morning after waking up. If the testosterone levels are low, erection in the morning does not occur. Lack of testosterone also makes men susceptible to erectile dysfunction.

– Easy to get angry
Men who have low testosterone levels are also irritable, frustrated, susceptible to depression, fatigue, and like a less motivated person.

– Hair loss
In some cases, men who lack testosterone have hair growth problems in the body such as whiskers and beards, including experiencing hair loss.

– Distended stomach
Belly stomach can be a sign of men lack of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone make muscle mass decrease.