Mobile Payment As Transaction Media Goods & Services

Mobile payments that are often said to be mobile money, mobile money transfers and mobile wallets usually refer to payment services operated under financial banking regulation and done via mobile devices. Instead of paying with cash, checks or credit cards, today’s customers can use mobile phones to pay for various services and digital goods. However, this plan still uses a non-coin-based currency system that has a long history. The technology has been the way to support the system when doing transactions and is currently already widely available with working relationships with companies or operators with specific merchants. Until can do transaction system. Currently, 소액 결제 현금화 is being adopted in all the world in a different way. In 2008, the first global alloy market has initiated this type of mobile payment and is projected to grow until 2013, so mobile deals in the future.

This type of mobile payment can be used for goods and services by doing transactions, where a gadget should be covered NFC technology, to be able to transfer money via smartphone. Developing countries have also applied mobile payment solutions, which are deployed as a facility to extend financial services to people. Above that, so the cause if according to Financial Access data in 2009 some 50% of the adult population in the world do not have a bank account. For a moment, this payment network is often used for the type of micropayment. The use of 소액 결제 현금화 is often chosen for hygienic reasons. Why hygienic? Cash ownership moves from one hand to the other, so it is possible that germs will also be carried along during the delivery. While non-cash is not necessarily so, simply done by swipe or paste the card on the EDC (Electronic Data Capture), then the payment has been completed.

Third, secure in transactions. Large amounts of cash payments are very vulnerable to miscalculations per money. If with no-cash, we just make sure a number of numbers inputted to the EDC machine, then the money paid will not be more or less, 100% accurate.