Characteristics of Home Garden Using European and Mediterranean Style

No different from the house building, the park also consists of several types or styles of design. But in general, the making of this park also always follows the concept of a built house architecture. If the house is European style, then the park is made also have the same design concept. Similarly, the Mediterranean style house would have a perfect view, if not using another style. Both the design of this house building is quite popular, so there is nothing wrong if we also know the differences and characteristics of a home garden that uses European and Mediterranean style. Although coming from a region that is not far apart, but these two styles have several concepts that are not the same, although both have a goal that is not different that is to bring a more beautiful and cool impression on the house. You should consult with the famous garden designer Katy Tx landscaping to be able to realize the concept of this garden at your home.

For parks that use the European style, the main characteristic lies in the use of ornamental plants whose color is not only dominated by green alone. Other colors that have bright properties such as red, yellow, orange and so often used to decorate the garden that has the concept of European style. Colors can be raised from the leaves or flowers that are developing. In addition, European style parks also always have a more regular look and have special patterns such as geometric shapes triangle, box, and circle. This is the choice of the type of ornamental plants should be adjusted to the forms that you will apply, especially if the plant has a direction of growing irregular.

Because more use of plants that are soft or not woody, then the European-style garden should more often get water and that is not less important is we have to do more often cutting or cutting so that geometric characters are created can still look firm and neat while for the home garden Using the Mediterranean style more often use the type of plant that has a harder character but has a size that is not so high. Types of plants include cactus plants, nails, and grasses and leaves are long and lush.